Bare - EP | 2014

by Gobi Bear



01 > Dusty Blues
02 > Poughkeepsie
03 > Footsteps in Gold
04 > Bonus track #1 (apenas disponível na edição física)
05 > Bonus track #2 (apenas disponível na edição física)

Mais do que um regresso às origens, Bare é a confirmação do Urso enquanto compositor e instrumentista. Bare é despir as músicas e mostrá-las ao mundo na sua forma mais pura. Bare é mostrar-se sem disfarce. Bare é não recear o vazio. Bare é frágil.
Este lançamento representa o seu sexto disco num espaço de 3 anos e marca a transição para o segundo LP. É um EP focado na guitarra e na voz, proporcionado pela experimentação à qual se submeteu nos últimos álbuns.


released November 16, 2014

> Gravado e misturado em casa
> Fotografia do Diogo Louro
> Artwork da Vanessa Costa
> Conceito do Diogo Pinto e da Vanessa Costa
> Todas as canções compostas pelo Diogo Pinto
> Todos os instrumentos tocados pelo Diogo Pinto, excepto o baixo na Poughkeepsie, que foi tocado pelo André Abrantes.



all rights reserved


Gobi Bear Porto, Portugal

Loop pedal based one-man band


  • Oct 02
    Ovar, Portugal

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Track Name: Dusty Blues
How could we forget how happy we were?
Back then we never used to sleep
Share this flask with me, we'll weep while we drink…
Dancing with you makes me complete.

Now you're stuck in your dead end job
Throwing away your life
Then you come home to me and sob
It's okay, see everybody cries

I was never good with words but
I love you so much i made this rhyme
These dusty blues are the dustiest i know
I'll play them to you anytime
Track Name: Poughkeepsie
Tucking your pyjama pants into your socks
We hear that one song from your music box.
See I'm drawn to your laughter so I'm drawn to your soul
And I hold you tight and close even though it's not cold.
I thought that you…
Yeah I thought that you would stick around a little while longer now… No.
So this is where it ends, where we started before.
Another place, another time, another kiss on your cheek.
When you dream I lie awake. I'm stuck, I'm a brick. let's celebrate chance.

And now you know you should have never left me back then
You feel ashamed about all those friends I introduced you to
No self-respect is left in your music box. It's broken.
A 24/7 drunk is what you do... Not what you used to do.

It's so different now
It's so different now
It's oh so different now
It's all changed now.
Track Name: Footsteps in Gold
When we left the sun
We thought we'd be the same
Our footsteps in gold
Would never go away
But we had never seen the light of day

When that note was sung
Every star went up in flames
Our tired eyes were bold
Enough to look away
Cos we had never seen the light of day

And now you shouldn't feel sad
That we will never go back
There's no room for faith
It's all the same in space

The moon left the ground and
Disappeared without a trace
You just thought the sight
Was bound to be erased
As we had never seen the light of day

We're better off in space