Inorganic Heartbeats & Bad Decisions - LP | 2013

by Gobi Bear

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released November 1, 2013


All recordings by Paulo Miranda (assisted by Margarida Faria) at AMPstudio, except for:
Some gang vocals, recorded by me in my former apartment in Coimbra;
Cello and Violins, recorded by Duarte Feliciano, also in Coimbra;
Guitars, which were recorded by both Henrique Toscano in Coimbra and by Paulo Miranda, at AMPstudio.
Production and Mastering by Paulo Miranda (AMPstudio)
Artwork: Luís Belo
Murmürio Records [MUR : 007]


Captação feita pelo Paulo Miranda e pela Margarida Faria (assistente de gravação) no AMPstudio, excepto:
Alguns coros, captados por mim no meu antigo apartamento em Coimbra;
Violoncelo e violinos da Animals, captados pelo Duarte Feliciano, também em Coimbra;
Guitarras, captadas tanto pelo Henrique Toscano em Coimbra como pelo Paulo Miranda, no AMPstudio.
Produção e masterização pelo Paulo Miranda (AMPstudio)
Artwork: Luís Belo
Murmürio Records [MUR : 007]



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Gobi Bear Porto, Portugal

Loop pedal based one-man band

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Track Name: Joanna (Intro)
Blowing in your ear
It all seems quite clear
Tropical heat, Joanna
Your neck tastes sweet, your blood heat and...
Track Name: Eli/Abel
Just as sure as Eli telling Abel he's a stupid father to a stupid son you are going to fall to your knees and understand who's the prodigal son
Track Name: Wooden Toys
The wooden toys you used to play with are dusty and lost in an old black coffin. It’s only hidden by the sound of a violin. How can a song do such things? You felt a shiver and answered with a kiss. You were right.
Track Name: Men-Like Clouds
Washing our brains
Washing our lives
Washing our clothes
Washing our cars
They're plotting a big revenge
They warned us
You know what they meant
Track Name: Eels
Clouds swallowed the sun
I longed for your call for ages
Felt the wind underneath my feet
As autumn leaves leave their trees
As the plane leaves and flies across the seas
I'm falling now
Track Name: 1992
I left 'cos I never felt what i'd been dreaming of
She said this was never what we dreamed of
It was just a really messy thing
that we liked to call love.
Track Name: Animals
Mont Chauve is painted with so much detail: I can now see the sunrise, the sun light, the sun peeping behind your back. I saw hand-drawn circles soaring through the grass. I now believe that you should come back alone... that you should come back home. All animals look alike when you're in the jungle at night.
Track Name: Scarecrow in the Rain
I've found love in every corner at a walking distance
A kiss on the mouth is all I ever wanted
I'm not as lonely when you're around. Don't you think it's kind of strange?
I felt the soaking like a scarecrow in the rain.
Track Name: November
Never argue the might of Guy Fawkes
Remember remember
That cloudy night
That cloudy sky in November
We live in infamy
Track Name: Certainty is not a Word
Certainty is not a word
Her problem was never wanting but knowing
Six days have passed since she last told you there was never a chance
There's never a chance for you
Time goes fast and you can't remember why you met him that day in the park, see... You love him so
Now you know that you should have never let him go as you hold his hand and ask yourself: Why did you so?
Track Name: I Can't Be Found
If you asked me to stay, I would never say no
If you asked me to stay, I would never mean yes
I'm all around you but you're all around
I may have forgot you
'cos I can't be found
I'd rather mess up than miss out
Track Name: A Thousand Light Bulbs
You're the 10th planet from the sun
I kissed your soul with a thousand light bulbs
She said: "no mushrooms for a thief!"
And it was so late it felt like you weren't even there
Track Name: Monica 2
Monica, you should come to me
I'll let you in(organic heartbeats and bad decisions like you coming over)
And you should come down to my place see the lights, see the rain
I know you want it too
Tonight it's warm inside
Blankets by the fireside
It's always better the second time around
Last night I wrote you a letter
Your eyes gazing down
Don't mind me now
Maybe heartbreaks are good
They keep you looking up